About Kappy and JoJo


Kappy and JoJo believe that children’s minds, bursting with creativity and imagination, are the world’s most magical places and should be nurtured and cultivated . We call this concept “thinking small,” because often the smallest children have the biggest imaginations and fewest inhibitions.

We’re dedicated to developing quality products that celebrate and inspire creativity and introduce big ideas to little minds.


Kappy and JoJo was founded in 2008 by sisters Kate Syckle and Josie Castro, whose childhood nicknames were Kappy and JoJo.

As children, Josie and Kate’s favorite activities were those that required the greatest use of imagination and creativity. Years later, when the two became mothers, they sought out activities for their own children that captured their attention and engaged their minds.

Kappy and JoJo grew out of the sisters’ desire to share their collection with other families who value creativity, good design, and thinking small.